E.E. Brandenberger Construction, Inc. is a full service residential construction company, serving Northeast Indiana and Ohio for 40 years. Family owned and operated as it was since its inception, E.E. Brandenberger specializes in the construction of custom built homes, ranging from starter houses to dream-home estates, in addition to offering real estate and full-scale remodeling services to homeowners. Our company's reputation for impeccable quality and elegant design has been the key element in our long-term sales success. And four generations of building experience behind our name hands down a tradition of pride and precision in the craft that is still showcased in our homes today. A leading and proven homebuilder in our community since 1969, E.E. Brandenberger stands for experience and elegance. We invite you to look into our company further, and experience the elegance of E.E. Brandenberger homes for yourself.

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