Features Included In Homes

The premiere quality of E.E. Brandenberger homes is a hallmark of our product and a mainstay of our reputation that has continued to bring clientele to our doors for over 40 years.


Besides the personalized attention and communication we can provide as a family-oriented company, those who have lived in E.E. Brandenberger homes know the livability of our floor plans, the structural sturdiness and the energy efficiency they experience once they are in their new home.




A sampling of some of our outstanding and unique features includes the following*:




  • 30-year dimensional shingles on roofing.
  • 2 x 6, not 2 x 4, exterior wall construction.
  • Foaming of all exterior walls before insulating, for a more energy efficient home.
  • OSB exterior subsiding for a sturdier built home.
  • 2 x 10, 2 x 12 joist system for a safer home in the event of fire.
  • Steel I-beams in basement for structural soundness and support.
  • All driveways and garages sealed for weatherability of concrete.
  • Extensive bracing in attics for straighter roof.
  • All floors glued, nailed and screwed to joists in order to help eliminate “squeaks”.
  • Water pressure back-up sump pumps installed in finished basements.
  • *As E. E. Brandenberger Construction, Inc. builds Custom Built Homes, some features above may or may not be Included. Please refer to your signed Spec Sheet as to which items are or are not included.




Additional outstanding characteristics contributing to the quality of our homes are the signature floor plan designs created by Emanuel E. Brandenberger, which have become known for their open, flowing feel and their exceptional use of square footage.  Furthermore, decades of establishment in the industry have afforded us the ability to develop strong relationships with quality subcontractors, some of whom have worked with E.E. Brandenberger for many years.  The result is a sturdily constructed, energy efficient home with elegant finish work and attention to detail, that holds its appeal and value for many years to come.




But do not merely take our word for it.  We invite you to shop and compare the value of E.E. Brandenberger homes for yourself.  A 40-year history of success in our community says you will discover that you agree.




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