How To Get Started

Building your new home should be an exciting and enjoyable process.  And with E.E. Brandenberger Construction’s 40 years of designing and creating custom homes to satisfy the needs and desires of our clients, you can have the style of home you have always wanted, with the quality standards and elegant finish that we put into all of our homes – no matter what the size or price range.

The choices are yours, and our team of professionals is here to help turn your personal vision into a reality.

If you are considering engaging E.E. Brandenberger’s construction services to design and build your new home, please feel free to contact us without obligation via our website, or by calling our home office (260) 657-5878, or our Sales and Marketing representative, Joe Brandenberger, at (260) 433-1495.  Any of the members of our family team will be pleased to assist you and show you what we can offer you should you decide to build an E.E. Brandenberger home.

Upon contacting us, we will set up an initial consultation with you, wherein we begin to learn what you are looking for in a new home.  The initial consultation clarifies such topics as:

  • What style of home do I wish to build?  (such as, ranch, two-story, etc.)
  • Do I have a location selected?  Is it in a subdivision or in the country?
  • If a location has not been determined, E.E. Brandenberger’s real estate and sales personnel can assist in surveying and selecting the location that is right for you.
  • If a location is chosen in a rural area, we will help our clients to obtain well and septic permits, which process is not required if the site is located within a subdivision.
  • Do I have a floor plan in mind that I would like to build?  If you already have prints, we can move ahead directly to preparing a proposal for you.  If you do not have a floor plan in mind, E.E. Brandenberger will discuss your needs and preferences, show you designs, and walk you through homes to help you visualize and select a floor plan that suits your needs.
  • At the same time as the initial consultation, we will put you in touch with recommended financial institutions who will prequalify you for your construction loan.
  • Based on your choices for the size and price range of your home, including what type of interior and exterior features you desire, E.E. Brandenberger will prepare a home proposal package for you.  This will contain detailed specifications on the features to be included in your new home (known as the “spec sheet”), as well as our pricing bid.  Questions and changes can be addressed at this time, to ensure your home proposal is reflective of the house you wish to build.

Then the construction process begins, and only a matter of time remains until you can move into your newly completed, custom-designed E.E. Brandenberger home, prepared especially for you.  It is our wish that it will provide you years of enjoyment and luxurious livability, based on the experience and elegance that characterizes E.E. Brandenberger Construction.


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