Our People

It began with one man who literally grew up on construction sites from the time he was six years old, and never left.  A man who truly learned the construction craft from the nails and 2 x 4’s on up.  Emanuel E. Brandenberger followed a family building tradition that began three generations before him – one which handed down the principles of a rigorous work ethic and a stubborn pride in the art and craftsmanship of the work.  These time-proven techniques are visible and at work today in the homes we’ve built and continue to build as we approach our fourth decade in the industry.


Truly a family owned and operated company, the fifth generation of Brandenberger sons carry on the tradition, fulfilling significant roles in the daily operations of the firm, while founding owner and CEO, E.E. Brandenberger continues to showcase his creative and elegant designs and astute quality standards gleaned from his 45 years of business. 




Our family oriented environment provides the personal attention, communication and service that our discriminating homeowners have come to expect and appreciate.  The depth of experience behind the name E.E. Brandenberger provides an unsurpassed level of knowledge and professional skill that gives our clients the assurance and security they are receiving a superior product.



Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Emanuel E. Brandenberger founded his privately owned residential construction company in 1969, after growing up in the family building tradition of his predecessors of three generations prior. His impeccable quality standards and flair for designing livable, attractive floor plans quickly distinguished his niche in the local marketplace, and led to a lifelong career in the homebuilding industry that continues nearly four decades later.

A recognized leader in the local building community, Emanuel E. Brandenberger’s homes defy narrow classification, as he builds for first-time homebuyers as well as for those wishing to construct their dream home, and he applies the same quality standards and elegant finishing touches to each. A believer in high moral and ethical standards of business practice, Emanuel E. Brandenberger’s name stands behind his homes. His job is not merely an occupation to him – it is his passion for the craft itself, and the creation of beautifully structured homes inside and out that are tailor-made to suit the specifications and preferences of each client.

This dedication to each product he puts his name on reflects the reason for the firm’s long standing success and outstanding reputation – an essential element to his achieving credibility and confidence among homeowners for over 45 years. True to his standards of practice, Emanuel still oversees the quality control of every home we construct, visiting the sites personally to interact with subcontractors and ensure work is being done to rigid specifications.

A native of NE Indiana, Emanuel E. Brandenberger is a Certified General Contractor, registered Construction Superintendent, and longtime member of the Homebuilders Association of Fort Wayne. His homes have appeared in the Street of Dreams, Parade of Homes, and have been recognized and featured in Builder Architect Magazine. E.E. Brandenberger Construction, Inc. is a voluntary member of the Better Business Bureau, the Remodeler’s Council, and the Indiana Quality Assurance Program.


Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Leading our company’s vital sales and marketing activities is Joe Brandenberger, a 1985 graduate of Leo High School whose hometown roots give rise to his acute knowledge of our community, its demographics, and its people. A graduate of Ambassador Universities in California and Texas, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Arts and Associate Degree in Business Administration, Joe brings the insights of a corporate perspective into complement with the operations of a family business.

Having worked in real estate and sales capacities for large corporations in the Pacific Northwest, some of Joe’s most significant contributions stem from his experience as a superintendent in overseeing the construction and budgetary operations of luxury apartment communities, where he worked for a leading commercial real estate company which developed apartments and commercial buildings along the west coast.

Joe further holds his Indiana real estate license with North Eastern Group Realty of Fort Wayne, allowing our company to offer clients full-scale in-house real estate services in conjunction with the construction of new homes. This amenity often serves to simplify and ease the transition from the sale of a client’s existing home to ownership of the new construction home, and the prerogative of choosing this service has been well received by many of our homeowners. Joe’s marketing expertise and ability to work with people comfortably on a personal level has been instrumental in the growth of our company and the communication of the E.E. Brandenberger story to the residents of our community.


Treasurer & Chief Financial Officer

Directing all management and finance issues is Ted Brandenberger, a 1989 graduate of Leo High School and 1995 graduate of Indiana-Purdue University of Fort Wayne. Ted holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business, specializing in Economics and Finance, and has been instrumental in ensuring the technological competitiveness and financial resourcefulness of our firm.

As the leading liaison with our financial institutions, Ted acts to secure our spec loans and other financing, coordinates closings with our clients, implements and updates our operating systems and oversees cost control issues on a continuous basis. Ted further plays critical roles in researching and preparing bids and home proposal packages for our clients, as well as supervising and overseeing the administrative and accounting functions of our home office.

Ted’s management acumen, financial prowess and effective cost control implementations ensure that our family-oriented company operates with the efficiency and up-to-date technology of a large corporation. His contributions on a daily basis result in significant overhead savings that translate into more competitive prices to our customers – a crucial component in E.E. Brandenberger’s ongoing ability to offer you more home for your dollar.

Our family team at E.E. Brandenberger Construction takes pride in offering you a tradition of excellence in homebuilding, with the best of what up-to-the-minute technology has to offer. Our homes reflect old-fashioned workmanship combined with the most current amenities and appeal. Similarly, our team of professionals brings generations of knowledge and experience in the craft into conjunction with the most current industry practices. Ongoing trade education is a priority among our personnel to ensure E.E. Brandenberger can continue to carry on its tradition of excellence in the decades ahead.

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