Affordable Quality

Quality and price are typically the two paramount issues in the mind of customers when going through the process of selecting a builder for their new home.


Some people equate a higher priced bid with the idea they are receiving the best quality of building materials and workmanship as a result.  This is not necessarily so.  While highest priced bids may in some cases reflect more superior workmanship, it is often an underlying result of padded profit margins built upon cheaper materials, that actually equates to lesser quality for the homeowner and greater income to the building company.  To the lay individual inspecting the general appearance of a model home, it is often difficult to discern the difference.




E.E. Brandenberger Construction proudly stands behind the testament that the quality of our homes cannot be exceeded, dollar for dollar, feature for feature, by even the highest-priced competitors in our community.  Founder Emanuel E. Brandenberger takes pride himself in taking the time to walk potential clients through our product and point out the specifics of our sturdy, reinforced construction process, the superiority of building materials, the attention to details in our finish work that rival what is found in the highest priced homes in our region – all of which we offer at a price more amenable to our customers.




How is it possible for us to do this?  The answer is two-fold:  because we are a family-owned and operated company, E.E. Brandenberger Construction can function efficiently on lower profit margins than those required by our competitors, whose higher overhead and larger payroll and capital requirements demand that the client make up the difference in paying a higher price for their home.  Additionally, our 40-year history of building in our region has allowed us to establish successful long-term working relationships with suppliers and subcontractors, insomuch that we can command a lower cost for the same services than many other building companies who haven’t been around as long.  It is a simple, yet highly successful equation, that creates a win-win environment for the builder and the homeowner.




An equally important quality consideration in choosing the right builder for your home is to retain caution with regard to low-ball bids that are dramatically below the median price range.  While it is an attractive thought to pay a lesser construction cost, the adage remains that if an offer seems too good to be true, it usually is.  The same applies to the presentation of extremely low bids for new construction.  The quality of building materials and workmanship in your home will determine its durability, livability and resale value for years to come.  It is simply too critical to compromise. 




E.E. Brandenberger offers a top-of-the-line product for a competitive price.  Our rigid adherence to high quality standards will not be compromised in order to supercede a low-ball bid.  Our reputation and building philosophy demands the same, and our homeowners deserve the same.




E.E. Brandenberger Construction has successfully operated by reputation and word-of-mouth referral for 40 years in NE Indiana and Ohio.  Our longevity testifies to the decades of satisfied homeowners who have positioned us as a leading and trusted homebuilder in our community.  The quality of our workmanship is readily visible.  Our track record is self evident.  And the same demanding standards passed down from four generations continues to be showcased in our product to this day.  We invite you to look into E.E. Brandenberger homes and come make the quality comparison for yourself.
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